AUD $78.00

Uzbek, Embroidered Skull Cap

A fluffy embroidered flat topped womans’ pill box “skull cap” from the Baysun, in Southern Uzbekistan.
The cotton cloth base is oversewn on a machine to reinforce its shape then embroidered with coloured wools in geometric patterns.
Around the rim a very finely woven “tesma” braid adds both detail and strength to the rim.
The lining combines a striped and two floral print cottons, hand sewn onto the base after the embroidery was finished.
All the colours have mellowed through time but only the cotton tassel is actually faded to a lovely mushroomy grey.
This is a vintage piece however it is in good condition showing minimal signs of wear, the gentle fading only proves its age with out detracting from its appeal.

Age: Late 20th Century

Size: Diameter 55 mm X H 68 mm. (Circumference 390 mm.)

Weight: 116 grams