AUD $650.00

Turkestan. Gilt Silver and Glass Headband.

This delightful hollow embossed “gilt silver” head band is embellished with faceted red and green glass “crystals” (imitating rubies and emeralds, that might have been seen worn by the very rich.)
The designs have been punched into the silver from behind to raise the patterns, like Beardsleys fine dotted lines.
Made in square “boxlike” hollow segments sewn onto a black cotton support.
From these are suspended triangular segments, from each of these, three seperate hollow leaves hang in a jingly fringe beneath it.
All the units are threaded with tiny yellow class beads between them.
The overall effect is one of refined fairytale opulence, worn wrapped around the forehead and tied, by a red cord at the back.
Normally worn with the fringe just overshadowing the eyes, the central crest is extremely exotic with its central ultramarine faceted glass adding a flourish that stops just short of a single egrets feather!

Alternately it can be worn on the upper arm, as a Moghul “bazu band”

It’s in good condition, my guess being that it was made for special ocassions, possibly a wedding.
And while I’m guessing, I’ll suggest it’s a city piece, not a nomad one, as it is too fine.
I’ve just noticed that the yellow glass beads are threaded onto red wool on one side and black the other.
This adds to the items sweetness, but could easily be rethreaded if the need arose.

Now, where is it from?
We sourced it in Peshawar on the Khyber Pass.
Before that we’re not sure, it bears resemblances to Uzbek and Kazak pieces, even possibly from Khorezm.

But, as it’s the only one like this we’ve come accross, it has us puzzled, so I’m going to hide behind the general term for Central Asia, that appears on old maps before the Russians carved it up, and say Turkestan.

Age: Mid/Late 20th Century

Size: L 530 mm, including strings x H 75 mm, L 195 mm excluding strings.

Weight: 70 grams