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Uzbek, Lakai Embroidered Square.

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Vibrant “iroqi” crosstitch silk embroidery covers this square cloth, with some mirrors and an all round fringe of tassels.
The central square is solid “iroqi” then surrounding that are “iroqi” bands building upinto the square.

At some point water has been spilt on it as some of the silk colours have run, which is enchanting, but blurs the clarity of the design somewhat.

Apart from that it’s in good condition, a useful size and quite exciting.

The reverse is a surprise, a bold red and black “hounds tooth” check, the hemming is very neat but still hand sewn.

Sourced in Pakistan, late in the 90’s but probably from Northern Afghanistan or Southern Uzbekistan.

From the “Dipchak” tribes and probably Lakai, although this work is being widely copied, and every body calls everything Lakai.

Age: Late 20th Century.

Size: L 53 mm x W 52 mm.

Weight: 126 grams.