AUD $78.00

Uzbek, Lakai Skull Cap

A vintage, embroidered conical Lakai womans “skull cap” from Uzbekistan.
The recycled coloured silk ikat base is oversewn on a machine to add reinforcing ribbing, its shape then embroidered with coloured wools in geometric patterns.
These radiate from the peak in tongues or petals, and in this case there appear to be double the usual number.
Around the rim a broad woven “tesma” braid adds both detail, protection and strength to the rim.

The lining comprises a red and white paisley-like print cotton, with the hand sewing of the the embroidery visible.

All the colours have mellowed through time, as this piece has been worn by an unmarried girl and is not a new item.

The handspun and twisted cotton tassel, has the “talismanic” glass beads incorporated, to ward off the Evil Eye.

This is a vintage piece, however it is in very good condition showing minimal signs of wear, the gentle fading only proves its age with out detracting from its appeal. Every tone is duller and more relaxed, what appears white in the photos is really an ivory.

The distinctive woolen “tongues” are in exceptional condition, which is surprizing as these usually get caught and pulled.
In fact I think the balance is just right on this piece, obviously vintage but only faded and not damaged.
But I’ve just spotted a little grime on the white “tesma” at the front.
But Don’t try washing it though incase the colours run!

Age: Late 20th Century.

Size: Diameter 165 mm X H 130 mm. (circumference 450 mm.)

Weight: 76 grams