AUD $74.00

Uzbek, Lakai Skull Cap

A vintage, embroidered conical Lakai womans “skull cap” from Baysun, in Southern Uzbekistan.
The recycled coloured cotton ikat base is oversewn on a machine to add reinforcing ribbing, its shape then embroidered with coloured wools in geometric patterns.
These radiate from the peak in tongues or petals or most likely feathers.
Around the rim a broad woven “tesma” braid adds both detail, protection and strength to the rim, although it appears to be handstiched “iroki” (chainstitch, rather than finger woven “tesma”.) This stitching faithfully imitates two “tesma” braided bands but is really one broad surface.
Very close inspection will reveal an area of about one square centimetre of burgundy stitching has worn away, spread in small areas fairly close together. (Probably old moth damage.)

The lining comprises a Russian rose print cotton, with the hand sewing and the embroidery of the “feathers” visible.

The handspun and twisted cotton tassel, has the “talismanic” glass beads incorporated, to ward off the Evil Eye.

This is a vintage piece, however it is in good condition showing minimal signs of wear, the gentle fading only proves its age with out detracting from its appeal.
(The fuzziness and brilliance of this applied wool infers that it may even be acrylic? The orange in the feather has worn badly and some of it has rubbed away.)

Don’t try washing it, incase the colours run!

Age: Late 20th Century.

Size: Diameter 150 mm X H 115 mm. (Circumference 470 mm.)

Weight: 68 grams