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Uzbek, Nielloed Silver Ring


Sorry, this delightful silver ring is no longer available.

Here's another smaller, comfortable "nielloed" silver signet ring from the Caucasus, on the western shores of the Caspian Sea. The smooth silver faces have been carved into creating a sinuous foliage design, then filled in with a black inlay called "niello" that creates the contrast that emphasizes the design.

This is genuine "niello" as described, not just an oxidizing or staining process, as you sometimes find. Also this ring is in fairly good condition, with the edges of the bezel holding the stone showing some wear. Remember that true old niello work often loses some of its inlay with knocks over the years. So if you run your finger nail over the paler parts of the band you'll find a groove where this has happened, it's not a problem, more of a conversation subject.

In the centre of the face set in shiny silver is a flashy square bevelled "magenta" glass, it's a wondrous colour much favoured over a wide region, probably I would assume to ward off the Evil Eye.

I used to think these were from Bukhara, and they may be, but "nielloed" designs like these have probably travelled further around the Caspian then across Iran and Afghanistan all the way to us. 

It has a good contrast and shouldn't need a polish for ages, but if you decide to then carefully use a dry "Silver Polishing Cloth" on it, to bring up the silver.

Age: Late 20th/ Early 21st Century.

Size: For a finger about size "O" (US 7)

Weight: 6 grams.