AUD $220.00

Uzbek, Nomadic Yurt Hanging.

A rectangular nomadic yurt decorative hanging from Bukhara Province, Uzbekistan.
The front is crocheted terra cotta coloured wool netting with coloured “iroqi” cross stitch blocks around the top and side borders.
Across the base the crochet continues down to become tassels, to the left six are quite worn the others are in good condition.
However closer inspection reveals traces of a coarser bright golden orange hair possibly goat or camel, twisted or wrapped around the shank of a few of the tassels. (see first photo, left two tassels.)
I assume they were all wrapped once, a long time ago, as they appear original, not added.

There also are eight twisted cotton tassels in sympathetic colours and fibres decorating the front that seem original.
And three tiny ones with “mini sequins” may or may not be original, but they can always have been sewn on at a later on by its maker/owner.

My first thought on receiving photos of this piece was that it was a net bag, for hanging in the yurt.
Then, that it was a net bag recycled as a decorative hanging.
However the wear on the stitching around the border on the reverse is original and there is no opening disguised by it.
So I now think it was never a bag and was made as a decorative hanging for a yurt, although there are no loops to hang it from, hmmm. I wish I knew the answer, but I will add “I like it so much I’m very close to keeping it.”

The back has embroidered borders on top and two sides, surrounding a very coarsely spun and woven natural cotton, with a two colour wood block printed repeat design of small stars/flowers or suns in black and burnt sienna.
Block printing is practised in Uzbekistan, where these simple colours are favoured.
The wear and age of this piece are obvious, but not enough to render it damaged, as such.
Note, all along the rear borders what appears to be a wavy “ikat – like” line is actually where the backgound colours have been eroded, through rubbing, this in turn accentuates the coloured “iroqi” stitched Greek Wave/Hooked border.

It is said, “That Nomads used wool from their flocks, whereas settled and semi settled (seasonal nomad) embroiderers used cotton and silk.”
This piece certainly has a rustic charm to it and even retains that smoky sense of camel dung fires.

As you can probably see there’s a large mild stain on the front, to left of centre, don’t try washing it with out expert advice, as the colours are most likely to run if handled incorrectly.

The colour in the last photo of the block printed reverse is the most accurate for the raw cotton and printed repeat, the other two are a little dull. I tried altering the other two but it tampered with the other colours too much.

Age: Mid 20th Century.

Size: H 45 cm x W 29 cm.

Weight: 217 grams.