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Uzbek 'segusha' Bedding Decoration

Segusha” are decorative embroidered embellishments, whose original function, tucked into and suspended from the rolled and stacked bedding, stowed against the wall of the yurt during the day, was both to add protection, and even more colour.
That is, of course, whilst exposing the family wealth and embroidery skills, for visitors to admire.
Many had fringes, some carelessly removed by dealers, to appeal to the markets’ tastes. Residual threads seem to imply the earlier removal of a tasseled fringe from this piece.
The two arms of this segusha’s “V” are equal, as they’ve been cut from one long, very deep ‘russet/burgundy’ cotton strap (richer/deeper than the photos indicate!) These two arms have been sewn together to form the right-angled “V” then embroidered with magenta and violet flowers (suns) seperated with scalloped triangles.
These arms each measure 31.5 cm, but they are unfinished at the end, so you can adjust as required. In fact a lot of the hem is floating and could possibly appreciate some gentle tacking.

The fully embroidered Flowers are outlined/couched in a very fine gold thread, creating a certain delicacy.
Backed with a printed floral cotton, with a soft brick red ground scattered with blue roses.
Note, the yellow is a rich egg yolk, not at all lemony.
As usual I particularly like the wildness of the reverse sewn onto the floral cotton ground.
You’ll often see “segushas” are also commonly known as “saye goshas” and there are variations of them used all over Uzbekistan and the surrounding “stans” consequently the name varies with locale.

For decor use in our world, hanging, draping, on cushions, belly dancing costumes or bags, exciting “segushas” like this one are multipurpose.

Age: Mid/Late 20th Century

Size: 96 cm across arms, each arm measures 31.5 cm

Weight: 47 grams