AUD $88.00

Uzbek, Silver filigree Earrings.

Silver filigree “Uzbek style” earrings made by refugee Turkoman or Uzbek Silversmiths in Northern Afghanistan.

Double sided with prominent round pale blue Turquoises and dangling faceted “ruby”(?), and small Pearls.

The silver has a fairly dark patina, (I’ve given it a light polish to bring up some highlights) gently swaying in three units, silhouetting delicately against your hair.

Whilst they aren’t old, I consider these to be very wearable contemporary Tribal Costume Jewellery.

Perfect for sophisticated Belly Dancers, light with fine, colourful detail, but not too long for general wear.

The silver (possibly less than sterling) hook for the ear, is of a “normal” easily worn size.

For variations on this design, each slightly different, see also UE207, UE209 & UE210, UE211 and UE213, if they are still available. (or search Uzbek)

Age: 21st Century.

Size: H 80 mm x W 40 mm.

Weight: 19 grams