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Uzbek/Turkoman Beaded Tassel.

Sorry, this lovely tassel is no longer available. We may however still have some similar ones.

Here's a smallish cluster of tassels made with subtle warm earthy  tones (now faded to a mellow shade.)

Old knocked around, recycled Turkoman silver bell caps have been incorporated. Their dark dull patina contrasting strongly with the shiny opacity of the tiny white glass beads that have been wound onto the end of each twisted thread.

These beads are not just decorative but are there to scare away Evil, thereby protecting the wearer from everlurking misfortune.

The loop at the top is a bit unravelled but easily fixed (if you decide to) measuring about 45 mm inner circumference.

Can be used hanging from a key on furniture, pinned to a wall, worn on clothing or used to pull blinds, even.


Age: Mid/Late 20th Century.


Size: H 80 mm x W 106 mm (spread out)


Weight: 112 grams.