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Uzbek, Turquoise Silver Earrings.

Sorry, these romantic old earrings are no longer available.
An enchantingly old pair of silver Uzbek earrings with small turquoise cabachons in many shades of pale greens and blues, interspersed with small  gilt silver domes.

These main "Timurud" units may have been part of an older headdress and now repurposed into earrings with the addition of dangles of small stamped points and glass beads like Red Coral and small real Pearls.

The silver has a fairly dark almost grimy patina, check the reverse to see how knocked and old they really are. Note, one of the Turquoises is missing. It's part of their character and story, I could replace it but it would lose it's authenticity. You can always wear any slight imperfection away from your face, so that the view framing your face is perfect.

Just right for sophisticated Belly Dancers, not too light with fine, colourful detail, but not too long for general wear. Great for Gallery Openings (!)

The silver (probably less than sterling) hook for the ear, is a skerrick thicker than a “normal” size, but not drastically, though.


Age: Mid/Late Century.

Size: H 117 mm x W 40 mm.

Weight: 36 grams