AUD $280.00

Pashtun, Embroidered Serving Cloth.

This extravagant salmonish satin rectangular Pashtun Serving Cloth, covered in fine machne sewn silver chainstitch with a multi coloured fringe with tiny glass beads, is quite exquisite.

Used spread before a guest, when serving them (him) food and drink.
Remembering these are Textile conscious societies, woven rugs, cushions and embroidered wall hangings are displayed to be appreciated, thereby admiring the families embroidery skills and wealth.

This piece displays exceptional machining skills in manipulating and attaching these convoluted tiny silver chain stitches, done with lots of twisting and manipulation.
The fringes are coordinated using hand twisted cotton and matching tiny opaque glass beads woven onto the thread as it was twisted.
As if all these beads weren’t enough protection against the Evil Eye, there are also in the corners four round multi coloured beaded “guls” (flowers, usually sewn on clothes.)

Such a show of extravagance needs these beads for extra protection, as it is boasting and therefore asking for trouble.
(often things, especially little boys, which are valuable are hidden, down played or disguised to avoid attracting misfortune.)

It’s in almost condition and has a couple of minor stains and one 5 mm round hole, which reveals a rich magenta pink lining, unseen as a Russian floral print has been backed onto this for strength.
Such quality would have belonged to a comfortably well off household, one that could afford to buy a luxury item rather than make their own.

Generally this fine metallic machine work is specialist work done by men in a city environment.

Age: Mid 20th Century.

Size; L 915 mm x W 795 mm. (including fringe.)

Weight: 531 grams.