AUD $120.00

Yemeni, Inlaid Black Beads.

These black beads inlaid with silver wires from Yemen, are usually "prayer beads" but these have been restrung for the neck.

Traditionally these beads are made from Teak or Black Coral and drilled in patterns to have Silver wires inserted and filed back, in this case there are also small silver rings inserted as centre pieces (one is missing, towards the back, I think, and there are a few tiny blank holes, which look like mistakes that were never filled.)

Often now there are other materials like buffalo horn from the Philippines substituted, I can't yet determine what material has been used on this string.

They're threaded on  Tiger Tail with a Sterling Silver hook and ring, for closing.

Remember: Tiger Tail is strong for both threading and wear, but doesn't like being stretched or scrunched, so don't.

Age: Mid 20th Century.

Size: L 506 mm including hook, x W 12 mm, maximum bead.

Weight: 49 grams.