AUD $110.00

Yemini, Old Silver Bead


 A largish old hollow silver bead from Yemen, covered in rows of tiny embossed punched nipples and applied embossed lozenges..

Traditionally in Islam it was the Jews who did the Silversmithing and the Yeminite Jews were famous for their work. When Israel was founded many Jewish Silversmiths from all over the world went there to live and work. It is said that the Yemini authorities wouldn't let the Yeminite Jewish silversmiths leave until they had shown the Yeminis how to do the work, but they may have only shared the basics, before they went.

Consequently older Yemini beads are the most sort after both for their quality and workmanship. Especially those that have a small silver "plaque" with an embossed signature, like this one. (To find a signature turn it round until you spot a break in the design. )

But as well as the quality of the workmanship an assortment of tiny knocks and dents acquired over time all add to the visual thrill of this silver surface, best observed as the light picks up the organic highpoints. In fact, it's actually very similar to the "sea eggs"  (urchins) found on the Ocean Beaches of our childhoods. (Having written that a customer has just picked it up and said "Gee, they're just like Sea Urchins!")

At the top in the centre of the long side is a suspension ring with a 2.5 mm orifice, that might take a fine snake chain, fine choker or thin cord.

However the bead being hollow also has a hole at either end ( appr. 3/5 mm wonky) to allow threading, very suited to the centre of a chunky neck, (see ...for one I've made up, if it's still available.) You then have the option of hanging something from the suspension ring.

The silver has a mild soft grey patina with slightly shinier highpoints, these can carefully be polished with a dry cloth or a dry silver polishing cloth. Be very careful lest you entangle and rip some of the filigree off, better safe than sorry.

Also for variations of this bead check/search YB104 and YB105.


Age: Mid 20th Century.

Size: L 50 mm x W 40 mm (not including the 3 mm ring.).

Weight: 22 grams.