AUD $130.00

Bedouin, Old Glass Pendant

 A Bedouin Pendant, possibly from Oman, utilizing a very old bauble or pendant with an old glass bead added. This pendant may be a composite piece recycling older units, as such it is saving and representing some lovely older ingredients. These may otherwise have been lost to being melted down and re used. However it could easily be original.

Made to be suspended from a twisted wire loop (3 mm) which will easily take a cord or chain.

The glass bead is old, judging by its lack of shine and wear, a soft pink coral made to imitate the valued Coral that had to be traded for and is often imitated for both its prestige and Talismanic qualities. The colour and texture is a nice copy of "angel's blush" coral, even down to some tiny holes and pits. There is a grubby patina of age and possibly silver oxide on this glass, from being roughly stored with old silver, that has greyed the colour down.

The metal has a very old, rich patina so I would avoid polishing it as you will either remove the age or damage it by detaching details caught in the cloth. The decoration is applied twisted wire filigree in either lines or flowerlike raised rosettes, both so charasteristic of both Bedouin and Yeminite work.

We were lucky enough to pickup four of these pieces some time ago in Bahrain or Dubai, (I've had them hanging on display on the wall in our workshop for most of this century, and forgotten their origins) there is a pair to this one see YP102, and two others YP103 and YP105.

Age: Early/Mid 20th Century

Size: H 41 mm x W 20 mm

Weight: 14 grams