AUD $130.00

Bedouin, Old Glass Pendant

 A Bedouin Pendant, possibly from Oman, utilizing a very old bauble or pendant with a more recent glass bead added. This pendant appears to be a composite piece recycling older units, as such it is saving and representing some lovely older ingredients. These may otherwise have been lost to being melted down and re used.

Made to be suspended from a twisted wire loop (3 mm) which will easily take a cord or chain.

The glass bead is not an antique, judging by its shine, made with a swirling red and white marbled glass probably used for its exoticism but also to imitate Carnelian or the valued Coral that had to be traded for and is often imitated for both its prestige and Talismanic qualities.

The metal has a very old, rich patina so I would avoid polishing it as you will either remove the age or damage it by detaching details caught in the cloth. These beads are very old, very knocked around and dented, as would be expected for an item of this age. But it's this aged quality which makes it unique, it does seem though that the wire loop is relatively new, implying a composite piece.

I think it's really lucky this bauble still exists as it could so easily have been melted down for reuse.

And if you look really closely you'll find one or two tiny blue glass inserts, these imply that it may have had more originally.

We were lucky enough to pickup four of these pieces some time ago in either Bahrain or Dubai, (I've had them hanging on the wall in our workshop for most of this century, and forgotten their origins) there are three others, two that match YP102 & YP103 and also another YP104.

 Age:  Early/Mid 20th Century

Size: H 61 mm x W 21 mm, hole 3mm

Weight: 16 grams