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Yomud Turkoman, Back Decoration

Sorry, this fabulous piece is no longer available.
Originally probably worn on the back as protection, incorporating three “asyks” as it does.
It would, here in the West (a phrase I’m realizing is ridiculous, geographically) would be worn as a necklace on the chest.
It may be a part of a larger piece, but there is enough here to be very impressive, the detailing is delightful up close.
As I’ve said before there is a luxurious almost Medieval, Byzantine, even Klimt feel to these Yomud pieces. (I saw one like this in "Game of Thrones" even.)

Ornately detailed with raised gilt silver embossing, probably representing rams horns and flowers or solar discs.
These are all joined with thick jump rings and suspended in three vertical rows.
They are highlighted with translucent red and green coloured glass “cabachon” inserts.
Unusually for “asyks” these terminate each with a single bell, the sound in turn adding more protection.
At the moment it hangs for display as it came with a bit of string, you’d need to extend this for wear, or we could do it for you, email us.
In good condition except one glass “cabachon” in the bottom left “asyk” is chipped, this isn’t obvious as it is at the bottom of the drop.

Age: Mid 20th Century.

Size: 432 mm (not including extra string) x W 77 mm.

Weight: 141 grams.