AUD $80.00

Yomud Turkoman, Button

A round scallopped, lightly gilt silver and blue glass Yomud Turkoman button,
Th surface is characteristically embossed with stamped rosettes of raised nipples centring on a very deep blue glass bead, so deep it looks almost black in most lights.

Combining the good fortune and fertility of ancient “sun discs” and blue “evil eye” protection.
The light tone of the gilding softens the richness, conjuring a romantic, ancient piece.
To be worn inserted through a button hole for extra decoration/protection and possibly to close or join two fabrics.

On the reverse a wide tube, set off centre supports a button sized convex disc, this to be inserted. (Allowing enough space for quite thick fabrics.)
This disc is knocked and fairly mishapen, also having been cleaned at some stage. (I think it’s older than it looks, though.)

The face has a little wear, there has been some long wear and a few of the nipples (both large and small) have had a little of their gold worn off the tips.

What a pity they didn’t use pieces like this in “Merlin” ! (but then again, they have included some nice embroideries.) These buttons would dearly suit a Medieval fantasy… or Viking ..or Dark Ages.. … or Greek … or Roman Costume Drama ...or....

(We also have a very similar piece the same size, but the glass centre is a deep translucent blue, but heck, they’d easily pass for a pair, search YB100. It would be easy to add some chain or cord, as needed.)

Age: Mid 20th Century

Size: Diameter 50 mm (approx 2 inches.)

Weight: 13 grams.