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Yomud Turkoman, Eagle Necklace.

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This dramatic "gilt silver" and carnelian Yomud Turkoman chest pendant, with dangling bells, is suspended on two chains made up of linked panels. 

The main motif is the "double headed eagle" (possibly based on the Hapsburg Eagles on the "Maria Theresa Thaler" coin or the Russian Tsarist crest. Both these coins would have reached the Turkoman tribes although they would probably have had more contact with the Russian Eagles, though later.)

It is all panels of silver, but being Yomud it has many embossed stamped motifs in "gilt silver" attached to its silver surface. Over time these stay a soft gold, whilst this silver background gets darker as it oxidizes, creating a rich contrast.

It is a complete circle designed to be slid over the head, measuring 61 cm from top to bottom. (that's nape of neck to dangling bells and you'd need to have very big hair not to be able to wear it!)

I don't think this impressive piece is very old, maybe Late 20th Century, but probably younger. If it is young it would have been made by refugee silversmiths working in Afghanistan.

And on another level, by buying these we are not only supporting living Silver Smiths but also encouraging them to work in traditional styles and techniques.
Therefore creating a continuance for their culture, which is being smothered by the seductions of the Modern World.

Now settled in towns and villages traditional nomads are more and more being seduced by the now, for modern, and abandoning their distinguishing traditions thinking of them as old fashioned.
All too often they’re happily aspiring to glitzy mass produced, even machine made, gold pieces from India.
When this happens the Silver Smiths have to adapt making “newer” designs or forgetting old techniques and styles in doing so.

So those of us who think, “Is it old?” “Is it Genuine?” are perhaps going to need to be a little more flexible, as ’Genuine Older pieces" become harder to find and consequently more expensive.

Age: Late 20th/Early 21st Century.

Size: H 61 cm x W 15 cm, possibly wider when worn.

Weight: 384 grams.