AUD $380.00

Yomud Turkoman Whip Handle.

This Yomud Turkoman "whip handle" is a bit of a puzzle. The Turkomen adore their horses but unfortunately for them they like their whips too. Traditionally used for the fast get away.

Decorated with alternating panels of stamped "sun" embossed plain and lightly gilt silver, tacked onto a dark wooden handle.

An ornate silver knob at one end has "fire gilt" embossed "rams' horns" and two flat oval Carnelians set in a decorated double silver "head" at the other.

What the extra 15 rings on the head are meant to attach, I don't know.  A fly whisk comes to mind? Usually though, Turkoman whips have only one ring offering a swivel for the leather bound "Whip" and this is on the back ..  Abdul says all the extra rings were to attach tassels. 

The ring at the other end on the back was for a wrist strap.    

It could easily be made into an interesting pendant or chest piece bound onto the chest with leather or chain, perhaps.    

Don't get too energetic trying to polish it as the soft gilt can be rubbed off if you over do it.     

Age: Late 20th Century.

Size: L 315 mm x W 38 mm

Weight: 123 grams