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Ersari Turkoman Silver Cuff.

  • AUD $390.00

Indian, Enamelled Silver Earrings

  • AUD $144.00

Uzbek , Gourd Snuff Bottle

  • AUD $88.00

Gandharan, Spindle Whorl Ring.

  • AUD $160.00

Antique Bronze Indian Deity

  • AUD $450.00

Sulemani Agate Necklace

  • AUD $360.00

Bukharan, Enamelled Silver Earrings peacocks

  • AUD $260.00

Chinese, Jet Buddha Pendant

  • AUD $180.00

Indian, Oval Silver Anklet.

  • AUD $98.00

Peacock Earrings, Nielloed Silver

  • AUD $280.00

Antique Bronze Tibetan Statuette

  • AUD $450.00

Uzbek, Embroidered Skull Cap

  • AUD $78.00

Ancient Bactrian Agate Bead.

  • AUD $880.00

Persian, Qajar Lacquer Book Cover.

  • AUD $480.00

Moroccan, Old Enamelled Silver Ring.

  • AUD $110.00

Large (free standing) Chinese Opium Pipe

  • AUD $360.00

Kungrat Uzbek, Glass Beaded Tassel.

  • AUD $88.00

Persian/Bukharan Belt Buckle

  • AUD $340.00

Tekke" Turkoman Black Cotton "Chyrpy

  • AUD $480.00

Mughal Leather/silver Bowl

  • AUD $4,800.00

Ancient Elamite Agate Eye Bead.

  • AUD $2,800.00

Persian, Enamelled Glass Vase.

  • AUD $600.00

Flores, Gilt Silver Earrings

  • AUD $240.00

Pashtun, Turquoise Gilt Earrings.

  • AUD $180.00

Old Chinese, "Shagreen" Spectacle Case

  • AUD $450.00

Pakistan, Adjustable Wooden Koran Stand

  • AUD $280.00

Persian, Damascened Steel Peacock.

  • AUD $1,700.00

Timorese Beaded Lime Pot

  • AUD $130.00

Ersari Turkoman, Carnelian and Silver Earhooks

  • AUD $580.00

Elamite, Stone Spindle Whorls.

  • AUD $960.00

Afghan, Domed Silver Ring.

  • AUD $130.00

Multan Enamelled Pendant

  • AUD $280.00

Kashmiri, Wooden Penbox.

  • AUD $980.00

Kungrat Uzbek, Glass Bead Necklace.

  • AUD $180.00

Indian, Old Brass Bangle.

  • AUD $130.00

Persian Tea Strainer

  • AUD $130.00

Uzbek, Jelak Cape.

  • AUD $240.00

Indian, Large Rabari Bag

  • AUD $200.00

Nepalese, Wooden Nandi Statue.

  • AUD $140.00

Pakistani, Child's Hat

  • AUD $72.00

Afghan, Double Stone Ink Bottle

  • AUD $120.00

Dry Head Agate Ring

  • AUD $130.00

Ancient Bactrian Lapis Beads

  • AUD $380.00

Old Pashtun, Silver and Carnelian Ring.

  • AUD $120.00

Pashtun, Thick Silver Earhoops

  • AUD $120.00

Uzbek, Nomadic Yurt Hanging.

  • AUD $220.00

Ordos, Ancient Bronze Kneeling Horse.

  • AUD $480.00

Olam Turkoman Silver Cuff.

  • AUD $520.00

Indian, Antique Brass Hookah Base.

  • AUD $360.00

Sterling Silver Onyx Ring

  • AUD $110.00


“Gloriously naieve” hand painted Turkish Bowls.
Swirling Tulips and Carnations, in thickly textured glazes.
Remembering the spring tulips carpetting the steppes
of Turkmenistan, long, long before Europe found them.

Combining the fluidity of Ottoman Ceramics,
with the childlike brushwork of Russian Folk Art.

Ranging from $14.00 in our Greville Street Showroom.


We're just unpacking an extraordinary range

of Swarovski Crystal earrings and studs.....

in Sterling Silver

and so many delicious colour choices ! .......

and Thai Bencharong Porcelain pieces

set into Sterling Silver

earrings, rings and pendants.


and Tibetan Turquoises...............


To reduce the volume of items on our website,

we will be removing many of those that have Sold.

However, knowing you may still enjoy "browsing" them,

we're opening a "Sold Items Gallery"

you'll find it on our Facebook Page.


Enjoy !


We're waiting on another parcel of beautiful,
hand selected, high quality Tibetan Turquoises,
set in Modern Stylish French Designed Sterling Silver.

But we still have a few uniquely handsome handmade
Rings, Pendants, Brooches and Earrings 
now available at our
Greville Street Showroom.

Here are just a few we’ve chosen,
to make available for you,
in our Modern Jewellery section,
here on our Website …….


 You can also keep up with what's happening.

what's happened, archives of our travel photos

and who knows what else at



We’ve just received a parcel of jewellery handmade from Sterling Silver and mounted with Ancient Silver and Bronze Coins from Afghanistan and Persia.

From the Kushan Empire back to about 50 BC.

And even the famous “Genghis Khan Seige Coin” from the fall of Kuruswan, in present day Afghanistan, in the hot summer of July 1221 AD.

Just look in New Arrivals.


Traditional “Gourd Snuff Bottles” specifically grown,
stained and fitted with a variety of Caps.
We’ve just popped another collection onto this site.
Just search for Snuff Bottles or New Arrivals.

Also arriving Timorese Lime and Tobacco Pots.


We’ve just received another  parcel of SUZANIS from Uzbekistan.
“Paradise Gardens” luxuriantly embroidered in silk.
In a range of sizes from one or two metres.

Both mellow Vintage pieces and some brilliant Contemporary ones that we just couldn’t resist.
Some are already in Greville Street and others are appearing here on the website.
A choice of embroidered skull caps and clothes, too !

Some Uzbek Earrings remaining !

We still have a few left of these very popular

gilt silver “Uzbek” earrings, with dangly polished stones and pearls.

And a range of “Kazak” silver and red glass rings, pendants
and earrings.

These are available in the Greville Street Showroom now,
and a selected range on here, in “New Arrivals!”

Wearable Tribal Earrings !

Here are more easily wearable affordable
Contemporary Tribal Earrings
including Tekke Turkoman, Kazak and Uzbek ……

In Good Silver and Gilt Silver with sensible earwires
silver and alloys with turquoise, coral, pearls, and stones …
and glass ….. and dangles …. . .

Most of these have sold already, but we may still have some on the shop floor in Greville Street,
and some selected ones, here on the website.

(To see more choices, just search “earrings” or “earhooks”.)